Sarah Roe

Roberta & Sarah 2014
Roberta & Sarah


Breaking News:

I received my Ph.D. from the UC Davis Philosophy Department in 2014.

In the fall, I will join the faculty at Southern Connecticut State University.


Find my website here.

Find my page here.

Areas of Interest:

Philosophy of Biology

Philosophy of Science

History of Philosophy of Science

Research Interests:


Scientific Progress


Theory Choice

Scientific Community

Species Concepts

Griesemer/Millstein Philosophy of Biology Lab:

I was a member of the lab from 2008-2014. During that time, I enjoyed weekly lab meetings, monthly ‘pizza munches’ in San Francisco, and meeting numerous lab visitors. I especially enjoyed the sense of community and the lab members’ ability to openly share ideas and support one another. A very special thank you to all the lab members,  who were nice enough to listen to early drafts of all my work, which often just resembled mad ramblings. Thanks for your helpful comments and taking my crazy ideas seriously.  I’ll miss you all every Friday at 1:10:59pm (pacific time).

Jared, Sarah, Mathieu


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