Current Labsters (as of Spring 2014)

Labster Alumni

  • M.A. Diamond-Hunter (PhD awarded 2020)
  • Xochitl Arteaga-Villamil (visitor with JRG in XXXX)
  • Bert Baumgaertner (PhD awarded 2013)
  • Mathieu Charbonneau (visitor with RLM in XXXX)
  • Lisa Gannett (postdoc with JRG in XXXX)
  • Matt Haber (PhD awarded 2005)
  • Vadim Keyser (PhD awarded 2012)
  • Katherine Liu (visitor with RLM in XXXX)
  • Francesca Merlin (visitor with RLM in XXXX)
  • Ayelet Shavit (postdoc with JRG in XXXX)
  • Nate Smith (PhD awarded 2011)
  • Mike Trestman (PhD awarded 2010)
  • Grant Yamashita (PhD awarded XXXX)

at UC Davis