Rick Morris

I am a recent PhD in philosophy from UC Davis. I am about to start an MS in computer science from Georgia Tech, and I am currently looking for work as a software engineer or machine learning engineer. In roughly descending order of usefulness, you can find my personal page here, my PhilPeople page here, my department profile here, and my Academia.edu page (including some paper drafts and my CV) here.

I wrote my dissertation on evolutionary mismatch (EM), a concept from evolutionary psychology and evolutionary medicine which (I argue) has implications for evolutionary biology and related fields. In a nutshell, EM argues that deleterious consequences sometimes result when organisms and populations which evolved in one environment experience environmental change—through changes in the existing environment, through migration, and so forth. A common putative example of EM: the proliferation of metabolic dysfunction in Westernized populations is purportedly the result of a mismatch between the Westernized nutritional environment and the specific nutritional requirements of Homo sapiens. The dissertation seeks to develop a rigorous characterization of EM, a clear description of the proper role for EM in clinical research and practice, an empirically adequate concept of environmental change with respect to EM, and an approach to investigating EM hypotheses.

Aside from a general interest in various topics in the philosophy of biology, I also have something of a sideline in normative theory, and active interests in the philosophy of religion, political philosophy, and military and intelligence ethics.

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