Two Labsters went overseas in November 2017: Denise Hossom presented “Aldo Leopold and the Ethics of Care: Approaching ‘The Land Ethic’ through a Feminist Framework” at the The Irish Philosophical Society’s Annual Conference, this year focused on “Humans and Other Animals,” and Tami Schneider presented “Interactions within the holobiont: on the holobiont’s interactions of its microorganisms” at the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Holobionts at the University of Bordeaux.

The Lab had its typically fine showing at the 2017 meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB, aka Ishkabibble), held in São Paulo, Brazil in July 2017.  Giving papers were Labsters Andrés Barragán, Scott Cole, Jim Griesemer, Denise Hossom, Rick Morris, and Tami Schneider, as well as Labster Emerita Sarah Roe.

Labsters Rick Morris and Roberta Millstein and Labster Emerita Sarah Roe presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Pacific Division meeting in Waimea, Hawaii, in June 2017.  They were joined by UCD Philosophy colleagues Zoe Drayson and Tina Rulli.

Most of the members of the HPS sessions at the 2017 AAAS-PD meeting, organized by Roberta Millstein

Labster Emeritus Sarah Roe received the 2017 J. Philip Smith Outstanding Teaching Award from her university, Southern Connecticut State University.

Labster Emeritus Vadim Keyser has accepted a tenure-track position at California State University, Fresno.

Labster Rick Morris had a paper accepted for the prestigious journal Phil Studies: “Praise, blame, and demandingness”

The Lab was well-represented at the 2016 Philosophy of Science Association meeting!  The following current Labsters gave presentations: Denise Hossom, M.A. Hunter, Roberta Millstein, Rick Morris, and Tami Schneider.  Labster Emeriti were also well represented at PSA/HSS by Bert Baumgaertner, Matt Haber, Vadim Keyser, Katherine Liu, Jason Oakes,  Jun Otsuka, and Ayelet Shavit.

lab-dinner-1 lab-dinner-2

On 28 September 2016, Labster Rick Morris successfully defended his prospectus.

Labster Roberta Millstein’s entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia has been published.  Topic: Genetic Drift.

The Lab is pleased to welcome two new members for 2016-2017, Tiernan Armstrong-Ingram and Denise Hossom (really already a Labster, but now as a graduate student).

On July 27, 2016, Labster M.A. Hunter successfully defended their prospectus.

The following Labsters and Labster Emeriti presented or commented at the APA Pacific in San Francisco, Mar 30-Apr 2, 2016: Jim Griesemer, Vadim Keyser, Shawn Miller, Roberta Millstein, Rick Morris, Sarah Roe.

The Lab is pleased to welcome two new members for 2015-2016, Scott Cole and Tami Schneider!

The Lab had a fine showing at Ishkabibble‘s biennial meeting in Montreal, July 2015, with presentations from the following Labsters and recent Labsters: Jim Griesemer, Shawn Miller, Roberta Millstein, Rick Morris, Jason Oakes, Jun Otsuka, and Sarah Roe. Jun Otsuka won the prestigious Marjorie Grene prize for best manuscript based on a presentation at one of the two previous ISHPSSB meetings, by someone who was a graduate student at the time of presentation, for his paper “Using Causal Models to Integrate Proximate and Ultimate Causation.” Congratulations, Jun!

Otsuka Marjorie Grene Prize

Labster Emeritus Bert Baumgaertner, who is now an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Idaho, is one of the co-principal investigators on a nearly $10.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Labster Jim Griesemer’s paper on David Wake’s contribution to evo-devo is the featured publication in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Newsletter for February 2015.

Former Labster Mike Trestman has a new job. — Mike Trestman has been adding to his skill set beyond philosophy at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco and now has a full time job as a developer/technical writer at Pivotal. Mike says “Basically my job will be to explain really complicated stuff, so it’s not that different than philosophy.”

Labster Roberta Millstein has two articles — Thinking About Populations and Races in Time and Re-examining the Darwinian Basis for Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic — and an OUP handbook chapter — Probability in Biology: The Case of Fitness — forthcoming.

Labster Tyrus Fisher won the UC Davis Provost’s Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2015-16.

Labster Shawn Miller will be presenting a paper entitled “Can You Help Me Fold This? Proteins, Computer Architecture, and Citizen Science” at the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology conference in July. See the abstract here.

Labster M.A. Hunter presented “Philosophers Behaving Badly: The Systemic Failures of ‘Experimental Philosophy’ and What Can Be Done to Salvage It ” at the APA Central, St. Louis, MO, Feb 2015.

Labster Jun Otsuka has a new position as an Associate Professor at Kobe University, beginning April 2015.  We are happy to see Jun so well placed but he will be missed.

A couple a JOs
A couple a JOs. Jun Otsuka and Jason Oakes are both post-docs with Jim, er, Jun was until he left for Japan today. Jason still is.

Labsters Jim Griesemer, M. A. Hunter, and Roberta Millstein presented papers at PSA 2014, held in Chicago IL, Nov 6-9, 2014.

Labster M.A. Hunter joins Quayshawn Spencer, Jonathan Kaplan, and Labster Emerita Lisa Gannett for a symposium at PSA 2014
Labster M.A. Hunter joins Quayshawn Spencer, Jonathan Kaplan, and Labster Emerita Lisa Gannett for a symposium at PSA 2014

On 12 August 2014, Labster Shawn Miller successfully defended his prospectus.

On 7 July 2014, Labster Sarah Roe successfully defended her dissertation, “The Salmon-Roe Approach to Mechanistic Explanations.” The Lab bids a fond farewell to Sarah as she heads off to her tenure-track position at Southern Connecticut State University.

Roberta and Sarah with Sarah's celebratory "Mark Transmission" cake
Roberta and Sarah with Sarah’s celebratory “Mark Transmission” ice cream cake

On 30 June 2014, Labster Tyrus Fisher successfully defended his prospectus.

In February 2014, Labster M.A. Hunter’s paper, “Populations, Individuals, and Biological Race,” and his session, “Population Concepts and Race,” were accepted for presentation at the biennial conference of the Philosophy of Science Association (Chicago, November 2014).

In Fall 2013, I-Sen Chen, Josef Kay, Rick Morris, and Jun Otsuka (postdoc) joined the Lab.

In May 2013, Labster Sarah Roe had a paper accepted at the APA Eastern.

On 1 May 2013, Labster Bert Baumgaertner successfully defended his dissertation. The Lab bids a fond farewell to Bert as he heads off to his tenure-track position at the University of Idaho.

At Bert's going away party
At Bert’s going away party

In Fall 2012, M.A. Hunter joined the Lab.

In Fall 2011, Tyrus Fisher and Shawn Miller joined the Lab.

In June 2011, Nate Smith successfully defended his dissertation.

Paul Teller, Roberta Millstein, Nate Smith, Jim Griesemer
Paul Teller, Roberta Millstein, Nate Smith, Jim Griesemer

at UC Davis